Episode 23 – May 22, 2015



Episode 23 – May 22, 2015

In this episode, 99 & Kato discuss:
– Tribute to Louis Johnson. Celebrating his great bass skills and innovation.
– If you are from the DC area and your favorite football team is from Dallas or any other city you’ve never visited, we’d love to know why!
– Ladies, if you have a preference for dating men who are taller than you… we’d love to know why!  Kato tells you why!
– What are rappers really doing when they freestyle?
– Memorial Day weekend events in DC!
– Special Shout going out to: Maiah, Preston, WorldBfree, Adondra, Big Ant, Rin, Kapri, Jerin
– And much much more!!

(featuring music from: Dimensions, Rare Essence, Brothers Johnson, Heroes Are Gang Leaders ft. TSE, Asheru, Trouble Funk, Crank Brothers, Clipse, Rona Rawls, Proper Utensils, Backyard Band, West Mob, A Tribe Called Quest and William DeVaughn)
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